Virtual Showrooms

At CG Motive, we use Virtual Reality to create immersive experiences that let users dive into new worlds and provide interactive solutions.


Virtual Showrooms

Experience your products in a new dimension. CG Motive designs virtual showrooms that offer an interactive and engaging way to showcase your products, enhancing customer experience and engagement.


Virtual Galleries

Transform how your artworks are viewed. CG Motive creates virtual galleries that allow visitors to explore and appreciate your art in a dynamic virtual environment.


Interactive Product Demonstrations

Showcase the features and details of your products with interactive 3D models that can be explored in a virtual space. CG Motive brings your products to life, providing a comprehensive view that physical showrooms cannot match.


Custom VR Solutions

Tailor your virtual experience to meet specific needs. CG Motive offers customized VR solutions that align with your brand identity and marketing goals, creating unique and memorable virtual experiences.

Discover Nibe Heat Pumps in our Interactive Virtual Showroom

Dive into the innovative world of Nibe heat pumps through our interactive 3D virtual showroom. Explore product features, interact with virtual consultants, and experience the future of product presentation firsthand.

Examples of our Virtual Skills

Virtual Car Show for Cars and Bites

For “Cars and Bites,” we developed a virtual car show where visitors can navigate through a digital exhibition environment and gather information at various virtual stands about car models and technologies.

Virtual Showroom for Toyota

We designed a virtual showroom for Toyota that showcases the latest forklift technology. Visitors can explore the newest models and interactively learn about their innovative features.

Virtual Art Gallery in an Industrial Loft

Set in a stylishly designed industrial loft, this virtual gallery provides artists with the opportunity to present their works to a global online audience. The gallery facilitates a new way of viewing and interacting with art.