On Air Design & Motion Graphics

for the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry

Broadcast Design

Broadcast Design, Video Production, and Virtual Studio Design for the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry

CG Motive was entrusted with creating the broadcast design for 16 films and a virtual studio for panel discussions for the Federal Association of the German Heating Industry, featured at a major trade show in Germany. Our comprehensive services included designing captivating openers and closers, lower thirds, in-video graphics, and a cohesive virtual studio that matched the broadcast design. Additionally, we handled the editing of the films and converted them into all required formats for both German and English versions.

​The Benefits

of  a professional Broadcast / On Air Design


  • Professional Aesthetics: Our custom graphics and videos enhanced the professional appeal of the presentations, aligning with the high standards of the industry.
  • Cohesive Branding: Consistent use of visual elements across all videos strengthened brand identity and message cohesion.
  • Multilingual Support: Offering both German and English versions expanded audience reach and engagement at international levels.
  • Technical Precision: Conversion into multiple formats ensured compatibility across various platforms, enhancing accessibility.
  • Effective Communication: Our designs helped distill complex information into digestible visuals, improving audience understanding and retention.

Visual Communication

This project showcased our expertise in multimedia production and design, reinforcing the association’s leadership in the heating industry through high-impact visual communication at their trade show.

Stills from the Movie