3D  Visuals (Full CGI) for Continental Tires

Visualizing a Containerport with Vehicles to showcase Continental Commercial Truck and Specialty Tires

Full CGI Visuals

Virtual Photoshoot for Tire Advertising and Internal Communication

When Continental Tires faced unexpected challenges during a photoshoot at a container port—due to poor weather and suboptimal location conditions—they turned to CG Motive for a creative solution.

With significant effort already invested in transporting vehicles, mounting tires, and assembling a team on-site, the results were far from ideal. CG Motive responded by reconstructing the entire port in 3D, along with all the vehicles, including detailed work on the CAD data for the tires.

The photoshoot was then executed virtually, tailored to the exact specifications of Continental Tires, including the season, time of day, and various other parameters.

​The Benefits

for Continental Tires

  • Consistency and Quality Control: Virtual photoshoots ensure high-quality imagery regardless of real-world weather conditions or location drawbacks.
  • Customizable Environments: The ability to set and modify environmental parameters such as lighting, weather ensures that each image perfectly aligns with the marketing goals.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces the logistical costs and complexities of transporting vehicles and personnel to multiple physical locations.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Offers the flexibility to explore creative concepts without the limitations of physical environments.
  • Speed and Flexibility: Rapid setup and changes are possible, allowing for multiple location shoots in a fraction of the time it would take to shoot on location.

More Locations

Following this success, CG Motive replicated other locations virtually, such as coastal roads, highway bridges, urban settings, and country roads, further enhancing the visual marketing materials for Continental Tires.

Material for Marketing & Internal Communication