3D Animation & Visualization for Delta Bau

Visualizing an Apartment Complex Prior to Construction

Architectural 3D Animation

3D Animation and High-Resolution Imagery for “Delta Bau” Apartment Complex

We created a detailed 3D animation and produced high-resolution images for “Delta Bau,” aimed at showcasing an upcoming apartment complex before its construction. This included both interior and exterior scenes, providing a complete visual experience for potential buyers.

Visual Theme and Execution

The animation starts with an exterior view of the complex, focusing on its architectural design, then moves inside to show potential living spaces. These visuals are designed to clearly depict the aesthetics and practicality of the apartments.

Animation Details

We used accurate 3D models that closely follow the architectural plans. The smooth transitions between the complex’s different areas keep the virtual tour engaging.

Narrative and Impact

The animation and still images together provide a full preview of what the apartments will look like, helping buyers envision their potential new home and aiding their decision-making process.

​The Benefits

of  3D Animation in Architecture


  • Enhanced Understanding: Provides a realistic view of the planned structure, helping clients and stakeholders easily visualize the final project.
  • Improved Marketing: Offers compelling visuals that can be used in promotional materials to attract buyers and investors.
  • Design Validation: Allows architects and designers to review and refine the structure before construction begins, reducing costly changes.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engages all parties involved by providing a clear representation of the architectural concepts and plans.
  • Project Efficiency: Speeds up the decision-making process by presenting a tangible, accurate model of the project, facilitating faster approvals.

Objective and Outcome

Our goal was to generate interest and drive early sales for the apartment complex. The detailed visuals from the 3D animation and high-quality images allowed “Delta Bau” to effectively market the apartments and secure sales before construction started.

High-Resolution Stills

Alongside the animation, we created high-resolution still images that highlight important features of the apartment complex. These images are crucial for marketing and print materials, offering sharp and clear visuals to potential buyers.

Material for Marketing & Print