3D Animation & Marketing Film for Marley Germany

Visualizing an Apartment Complex Prior to Construction

3D Product Visualization

3D Animation and Marketing Film for Marley Air 4.0″ Fresh Air Recuperator

We created a detailed 3D animation and a marketing film for “Marley Air 4.0,” a fresh air recuperator that enhances indoor air quality. The system expels used air from a room, retains the heat in a ceramic element, and then brings in fresh air from outside, using the stored heat to warm the incoming air. This project included both interior and exterior scenes, providing a complete visual understanding of how the system works.

Visual Theme and Execution

The film starts with an animation that illustrates how “Marley Air 4.0” operates, showing the process of expelling indoor air and introducing heated fresh air. We visualized the flow of air through the device and its impact on indoor climate, making the technology easy to understand for viewers.

Animation Details

Our 3D models are designed to accurately reflect the actual device, highlighting its sleek design and functionality. The animation transitions smoothly between scenes, showcasing the recuperator’s efficiency and the benefits of its use in a home or business environment.

High-Resolution Stills

In addition to the animation, we produced high-resolution still images capturing key moments and features of the system. These images are used in various marketing materials, providing a detailed view of the product’s advanced capabilities.

‚ÄčThe Benefits

benefits of using 3D animation for product visualization and marketing


  • Enhanced Understanding: 3D animation breaks down complex mechanisms, like the air recuperation process, making it easy for customers to understand how the product works and its benefits.
  • Visual Appeal: High-quality 3D graphics create visually appealing content that can catch the eye of potential customers, making the product more attractive and interesting.
  • Detailed Demonstrations: Animation allows for detailed and precise demonstrations of product features and functionalities that might be difficult to capture through traditional photography or live video.
  • Versatility in Marketing: 3D animations can be used across various platforms, including digital advertisements, trade shows.
  • Increased Engagement: Dynamic and interactive elements of 3D animations can engage viewers more effectively, leading to better retention of product information and a higher likelihood of making a purchasing decision.

Objective and Outcome

The primary goal of this project was to promote “Marley Air 4.0” and demonstrate its benefits to potential customers. The combination of 3D animation and real video footage effectively conveyed the system’s efficiency and ease of use, helping to attract interest and encourage sales. The animation also served as a practical tool for explaining the installation and maintenance processes, with separate videos dedicated to these aspects, enhancing customer understanding and support.

Virtual Photo Shooting (Full CGI)

Stills from the Movie